How people treat you is their karma; how your react is yours.

Wayne Dyer

Divorce can take an emotional toll on all parties involved. If you have children, oftentimes their emotions can be caught in the crossfire of the heated emotions between the divorcing couple.

Maples Family Law explores the common emotions that follow divorce, including anger, depression, and grief in an article entitled ARE YOU PROJECTING YOUR POST DIVORCE EMOTIONS ONTO YOUR CHILD?

Divorce can be a complicated process that requires legal assistance. It is also a highly emotional process, where we must take account of the past, and rectify our present through future aspirations. If you find yourself stuck emotionally, Dr. Thomas Maples of the Stockton Therapy Network can help. Whether you need help with reconciling your relationship, are in need of marital counseling, or are looking to separate your marriage in an amicable fashion, we can help you to move on with your individual and/or relational life.

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