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Thomas Maples
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It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

In life, we move forward to realize those aspirations only once dreamed about. This drive forms the basis of all realized aspirations. Believe, Achieve, and Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams!!!

2 comments on “Inspiration: Keep Moving Forward

  1. YBP – Hello there! I’m Yeka and I love LOVE. My heart goes pitter patter at the sound of my hubby’s loving voice. I'm undeniably a hopeful romantic haha! My smile shines from east to west when I bond with my family. My passion for lifelong learning further ignites when I train and serve my students. My eyes sparkle with gratitude when I recount the billion blessings I enjoy. My soul embraces the horizon when I share the countless miracles I witness. In my journey, I stay in awe of the simple yet profound truth. IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE. ❤️
    YBP says:

    Oh I love this! Move forward. Every single step takes us all closer to our goals. Everything can be achieved! ❤️

  2. jimoeba – Panama Jungle – Alternatives to big box religions and dogmas
    jim- says:

    The road to happy and the road down are one in the same. It often just depends on which way you’re facing. Thanks

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