It was a day of surprises. My wife normally takes the boys to birthday parties, and yesterday was something I was not prepared for. We had a semi-working weekend. The Honey Do list had grown to a point of critical mass, and I had a few things to get done that I normally do not do to assist her in her work. So off the the Pizza Party.

Now pizza is my best friend and worst enemy wrapped into one. When a fellow blogger (Beauty Talk) posed the question What Italian Food Could You Eat Forever? my answer was hands down Pizza. It is a most versatile of foods. You can make a 1000 different tastes, just by adding and/or subtracting meats and/or vegetables. Don’t even let me get started about the sauces. Yes, I love it so much… not just the regular amount will do, but add extra sauce. Most of the time it is free anyway.

Conscientious Decission

Eat before going… Yes, I know… It almost seems rude not to break bread with new people that have invited you to an special time of their life. It is somewhat of a rule that I have to reinforce positive relationships and build bridges where there is unknowns and uncertainties. So I needed to find a happy marriage between my need to remain on my journey towards health yet be grateful and kind for the invitation my son received to form a new relationship.

What to Do?

I ate a morning power smoothie before going.

1 Carton of Premier Protein Power Milk (Vanilla)

1.5 Cups of Frozen Triple Berry Blend

This broke the hunger cycle for my Break Fast. At the party… Shared in the joy by taking part in two small pieces of combination pizza. The best pizza restaurant in our town is not listed in the Weight Watchers Application, so I made do with finding what I thought would be an equivalent and charted those points. I had to make other conscious decisions to lesson the degree of points I had during the day, and ended up finishing the day strong and still under my overall point total.

To Success!!! My son was happy he got to socialize with friends. I was happy to see him happy, and we had a wonderful day.

I’m Possible

The Psychology Perspective

The key to health is ultimately planning. Our physical, spiritual, and emotional health need time and effort. By planning our day, and getting to know the ins and outs of our personality in different scenarios, not only do we get to have an intimate knowledge of ourselves, we also form the foundation for our success in whatever endeavor we chose to undertake.

I know, from a psychological perspective, this can seem like a daunting task. Many times, people fear what is inside… They spent so many years pushing it down that sometimes they forget about what is there. But what is there, even though it may be dark, is also the source of your inner light. You cannot have one without the other. You cannot find the glowing embers within unless you sift through the ashes of the past that was.

In releasing weight, or undertaking any weight loss journey, it is imperative to find sources of inspiration. I hope this can be one to those who read its content. One of the reasons I have chosen to write this blog is to keep myself accountable to you the reader. Like many, I have always used excuses to engage in negative habits that ultimately keep me stuck where I am instead of getting to where I want to go. However, in releasing this journey in written form, I pull from the power of intent to ultimately move in the direction of my dreams.

To a new week of Health, Wealth, and Happiness. Here is to finding hope and wellbeing in your lives.

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