Weigh In Day #3

Hello everyone. Today, I was scared. Not that I broke my ritual to release weight this week, but that I didn’t work out with the intensity I normally do because I was caring for my family that had gotten a pretty bad strain of influenza. I simply could not put the hours in at the gym.

Nevertheless, I did make space to go work out. Run and steam at a minimum every day. This keeps my physical and mental health going. It gives me the initial step up in the emotional front that I need to work with people. It provides me the energy I need to get my day going… and to keep it going.

The Psychology Perspective

My goal in writing these is to provide people with sources of inspiration. But I know there is a shadow for every bit of inspiring work that is done. When we feel healthy, sickness looms. It is there, and we cannot discount it. However, as today’s quotes will show, we don’t discount the clear problems that are there. We embrace them, we love them, and we help nurture them through towards a sense of health, wellbeing, and towards a sense of spiritual grounding.

Weight Loss is a journey. Don’t discount your fears. Embrace them. Embrace the unknown. Embrace life’s follies. We often meet decisions at the crossroads, and from there we make decisions that affect the course of our life. We may make good and or bad choices, but we decided… and we moved. Even if in hindsight the choice was wrong, learn from it. The only failure in life is a lesson not learned.

Weigh In #3

Weight: 283.8 (Loss of 1.7 lbs.

Body Fat: 38.7 (Loss of 1.8%)

Goal: 220 (63.8 lbs. to go: 11.6% of the Journey traversed.

Again, I want to thank Weight Watchers for providing me the map to get along with my journey towards optimal physical health. For all of you my readers, here is to

Good Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Wellbeing. Many blessing from this end.

Dr. Tom

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