The Only Think We Have to Fear, Is Fear Itself

Weight Loss Motivation

I am a big fan of motivation. Especially speeches made by great people throughout the ages. My source of inspiration comes from people that have succeeded in the efforts they have undertaken, and that I why I am including this great speech given by Franklin D. Roosevelt at his address in 1933.

FDR is a role model for all. He is someone that overcame the greatest of odds and became a national hero in his plight to help this country overcome great odds.

Weight Loss Journey

How can we use this ideology to better our lives. Yesterday, I was grateful for my cheat day. It was a day of hard work. But even more difficult, was the changes the week had brought. I had lost aspects of my routine, but persevered through the next stage. The state attained, was one of triumphant victory, as I got through all that I had to complete, felt physically healthy and strong, despite the influenza that spread through my family, and a new sense of vigor, accomplishment, and life began to sprout, as I realized I am near the 3 week mark of the 28 day theory towards new habits. And it began to feel like it was an old habit that was simply just slipping away.

I hope you enjoy the motivation above, and I encourage you to find your own sources of motivation. Thank you for sharing in my journey. Thanks to Weight Watchers for providing the road map. Thanks be to God for staying by my side during this road to better health.

To Health, Wealth, Wellbeing, and Happiness.

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