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Thomas Maples

Friday was my weekly weigh in… and GREAT NEWS!!! Down to 278.8. That is a 5 pound loss for the week, and a total of 15 lbs. since my beginning at the start of the New Year.

New Habits Forming

What a wonderful week. There was definitely some hard points. Today, as I write this, it is Super Bowl Day here in the US. A tradition typically associated with various degrees of gluttony. Not for this year. Today is also day 27 of the 28 day goal to a form a new habit. No way is a ball game going to get in the way of my journey this year!!!

I have to say, that the biggest point of starting any form of lifestyle change is to work the systems you have been given. For me, Weight Watchers has been invaluable. Today, I will also work hard at the Gym, to give myself a little treat in the end. I picked up a Ribeye Steak, that I will be happy to eat. But in order to keep up with my points, I will need to plan my day accordingly and put in a little work at the gym.

For everyone reading, have a great Super Bowl Sunday. Make it a Grateful Day, and Enjoy the Game.

Weigh in Day #4

Weight: 278.8 (Loss of 5 lbs.)

Body Fat: 38.3 (Loss of 0.5%)

Goal: 220 (58.8 lbs. to go: 21% of the Journey traversed.)

Again, I want to thank Weight Watchers for providing me the map to get along with my journey towards optimal physical health. For all of you my readers, here is to

Good Health, Wealth, Happiness, and Wellbeing. Many blessing from this end.

Dr. Tom

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