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Thomas Maples

Anxiety, and Planning for Change

I am a fond lover of traveling. However, now that I am adapting a very positive lifestyle change, traveling can be a bit daunting. I have never done it while making a healthy, conscious decision to remain in healthy habits. The trip is nearly two months away, so I have time. But as soon as my wife said, we booked the annual trip to take the children to Disneyland, the most Magical Place on Earth… I felt a sense of anxiety overtake my soul, not the pure joy that is usually there.

Why is this?

We are creatures of habit. Those habits create the emotions and thoughts that drive our life forward. Anxiety creeps in when we don’t know the outcome of the measure we are seeking to accomplish. We may lack a vision. Let’s face it, we all know we should eat healthy, exercise, drink healthy, and honor our bodies like the true temples they are. But most of us do not. This occurs primarily because we lack a vision of the person we want to become outside of the number of pounds we wish to lose.

Have you ever put a New Years Goal in front of you, say Lose 25 lbs. but lacked the picture of that person you wished to become. You lack a vision. The vision is focused on the number, not the picture of that healthier you that is created in the process. This is why many times, it only takes two weeks to stop a new habit and 4 weeks to create a new one. We lose focus.

Use Your Tools

Weight Watchers, the Gym, and Youtube have been my number one tools so far in this journey towards spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Yes I said physical last and spiritual first. Because, in identifying my values, I put God First, Family Second, and All Else Third. There are only three values. God = Vision, Family = Grounded Lovingness, All Else = That which my vision creates and my family supports me to aspire towards.

This week I weighed in. I was anxious. I didn’t know what the numbers were. But change was going to occur, no matter what was staring back at me. I was lovingly surprised.

Weigh In Day #5

Current Weight: 275.7 (loss of 3.1 lbs. Total Loss = 17.3 lbs)

Body Fat: 39.2 (It went up? Must be water weight? I definitely have to look this one up. But then again, I never did trust the body fat scales… Until Next Week You pesky number).

Goal – 220 (23% along my journey… Keep Up the Great Work Dr. Tom)


AMEN!!! AUMN!!! AMIN!!! Start it Off with the Right Frame of Mind!!!


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