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Thomas Maples

Murphy’s Law

When things go wrong. Anyone that reads this blog, knows its content is meant to be motivation. I attempt to post one to two posts per day. But sometimes things go wrong.

What to do?

Before, I would stress myself out. I would look for endless solutions, and get caught in the paradox of problem solving. But when we get into those modes of thinking, we miss the true lesson within. Maybe it just was not to be at that moment. Maybe, God had a greater plan for you that day.

In anything we do, we must walk with a sense of faith. In fact, many aspects of faith seem to have been lost in the media culture of today. However, what seems most lacking in today’s media culture is a complete lack of faith. Faith is simply that eternal essence that links us to the divine. It is that etherial substance within that drives us to make real that which is unreal. It is belief in our capacity to make anything and everything real through our capacity tap into that Self that was always there.


Weight loss is a journey. Life is a journey. Take it in… Breath… Let Go… Release, and Refill, Sustain, and Enjoy the process.

With Love and Wellbeing!

5 Lessons To Live By – Dr. Wayne Dyer (Truly Inspiring)

Believe… Achieve… Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams!

Dr. Thomas Maples

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