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Thomas Maples


This week had been a stressful one. As I reflect upon it, there were great times and some low times as well. Life will ebb and flow. So will emotions. It is during these times that we must tap into those inner resources, and have a willing intent to either push through individually or seek the assistance of others as a source of motivation.

Sometimes, it can come from life coaching. Other times, you can set the stage by revisiting the vision that brought you to this point in the first place.

Leaving behind old habits is no less detrimental tearing away the soul from that which has been present as an old friend for every day of your life. The grieving process will take hold. This in turn sets the stage for the ebb and flow of emotions, which then creates the realities it needs to unite the inner world with true validity of the outer world.


Dr. Wayne Dyer is a personal favorite of mine. I enjoy the message of manifestation he promoted while he was alive. His calm, paternal nature breathes a still vitality that cuts deep into the soul. I have began to practice his meditations in the morning and evening, and these have brought a sense of wonderment and renewal within my soul.

The journey continues. I am manifesting it in all its Valleys and Peaks, its moments of downward spirals and spiritual ascent. In essence, this is the way our minds are built.

The Philosopher’s Corner

The nature of Consciousness is paradoxical. Our mind is always in a quest to mend the dichotomous nature of opposites. While joy can be felt, it is amplified in the mind to a true state only when it is known from its opposite state. This is true also of fear, anger, sadness, happiness, love, and all states that are either amplifications or diminutions of these five core emotions. I am sharing some of Wayne’s meditations here. He was definitely a great man with a great vision, and I hope you enjoy.

Wayne Dyer – Morning Ah Guided Meditation for Manifesting Affirmations

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer & Louise Hay Daily Meditations.

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