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Thomas Maples

God answers all prayers in three ways:

“Yes” – because you deserve it,

“No” – because you deserve better,


“Not yet” – Because The Best is Yet To Come


Weight Loss Journey

Sometimes we work hard, and the reward is not what you expect. But that does not stop the journey, it just strengthens the foundation for what is yet to come.

Any journey worth undertaking will have some hard times present. We can not grow without tension. However, sometimes personal expectations can set the stage for more catastrophic failures. This occurs when the personal expectations begin to outweigh the vision present. You should never let this happen, because it would give up the baby with bath water, and negate the ideal that sometimes there are greater things in store.

Why do I write about this. This week, I just knew I would be at 273. I felt it… I willed it… and the last few weeks, I have lost more than 2 lbs. per week. It didn’t happen. Instead, I was down .7 lbs. 275. Ouch, pesonal expectation not met. And I worked even harder to get it.

So how to rectify this?

Trust in the journey. The vision is solid. Plus, usually when there is small fluctuations like this, your body is getting ready for something greater in store.

Thank You to Weight Watchers for accompanying me along this journey.

To Health, Wealth, Wellbeing, & Happiness. Of Course Don’t Forget to Believe… Achieve… & Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams!

Weigh In Day #6

Current Weight: 275.0 (loss of 0.7 lbs. Total Loss = 18 lbs)

Body Fat: 37.2 Proof of better things yet to come. Loss of 2%.

Goal – 220 (24.6% along my journey… Keep Up the Great Work Dr. Tom)

The Psychology of Weight Loss
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