Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.

― Bil Keane
To Be Present… A True Gift from God

The Philosopher’s Corner

Greetings fellow life travelers. I ran into this quote today and wow… What a beautiful insight and I hope you enjoy.

This sums up the depths of psychology in its essence. As I had a long conversation with my wife yesterday about the nature of change, I realize that so much of what we call the mental elements that affect our physical and emotional health are tied to perspective. Change is here. The world we knew before COVID 19 no longer exists, and like it or not, we must adapt to the elements of this change. This is the basis of Darwin’s Principle of Evolutionary Theory. An organism that cannot adapt will go extinct. Those that do, will evolve.

But evolution does not occur in a vacuum of comfort. Remember growing up. Your body does, and the psyche will touch upon the fire of those lessons as well. It was a tumultuous time. There are highs, lows, what seems to be never ending turns of emotion, new forms of thought, and even new ways to relate all seem to emerge in ways that only a couple days prior would have never made sense. It is confusing at best; a complete break from reality at worst. It ebbs and flows, creates riptides and calm, but it never ceases to move us forward.

That is the principle behind evolution, and a concept that I believe this beautiful quote from Bil Keane, the American Cartoonist behind the highly popular newspaper comic strip “The Family Circus” had in mind when he directed our attention to the “present” that is here now; today, that true “present” that unites us with God.

I began today’s philosophy exploration with the idea that psychology is a sum of this ideal. Psyche, or what was originally concurrently termed “breath” and/or “soul” in Ancient Greece is a study of one’s personal history. But that was yesterday. Your present moment is that gift from God that allows you to dictate the nature of your future. While it may be a mystery, in a simple act of projecting a vision in its place and using the elements of the “present” moment to create its reality, the elements of your future can be realized.

With many prayers and blessings fellow travelers. May God find you in peace and harmony with your own psychological journeys. Believe… Achieve… and Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams.

Siddhartha: The Psychology of Realizing our Inner Potential

Siddhartha: The Psychology of Realizing Our Inner Potential

I wrote Siddhartha: The Psychology of Realizing our Inner Potential as a psychoanalysis of the Buddha’s plight to realize his inner potential. It is based upon the novel Siddhartha, written by the Nobel Laureate author Hermann Hesse. In it, I will take you through a storyline about through the 4 seasons of life.

Like Siddhartha, you too will explore the wonder of traveling through the spring of childhood plight, and celebrate the arrival of summer passion common to romantic love’s delight. You will wax and wane through the Fall of middle-age, sit back and reflect upon the the sun’s night-sea’s journey in Winter’s wise-age. I truly hope you enjoy.

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