Wow, what a journey it has been. I have not been able to keep a daily journal of this process, partially due to the fact that work after COVID 19 has dramatically increased. That is a good thing… but so is the need to keep up with the goals I originally began the year with before this whole quarantine occurred.

While much has changed, one thing stands out most to me as being very much the same. Our habits make who we are!

I have seen a major transition take place. The inability to turn to old trusted routines has had a dramatic effect on people’s emotional wellbeing. Lack of ability to go to the gym, restaurants, lack of social interaction in general, and prolonged periods of sitting at computers to engage in any form of social interaction have greatly affected the inner ability even the healthiest of individual has to care for their emotional needs. We are stagnant, and when we are stagnant, muscles begin to atrophy, and the system begins to shut down. However, this need not be the case. But it very much is a personal choice in how we begin to address the need we have to move, take care of ourselves, and create regimens of exercise and diet to aid our journey through the ups and downs that social distancing and isolation creates.

My journey has continued. I run a 5K every day and am grateful for my feet on keeping me committed to this process. I continue to rely greatly on my Weight Watchers app for wonderful nutrition advice. I have slipped on a few occasions, but I have picked myself up. I motivate, but also need to tap into inner wellsprings to motivate me to move through the ups and downs any life journey creates. Blogging is a major tool for me to become motivated. Documenting the pros and cons of this journey is more than just a realization of the work that was completed. Blogging keeps me accountable to myself, as well as to those who choose to interact with this forum. Thank You everyone for your continued support. Because in essence, that is what this is. A community of individuals that better each other. I am not seeking a destination, but am looking to create a story of the journey it takes to release the extra baggage I carried with myself for so long.

Weekly Weigh In…

Current Weight: Past 262.2 – Present 259.8 (loss of 2.4 lbs. since my last check in. Total Loss = 31 lbs)

Body Fat: Past 32.2 – Present 32.8 Up. 0.6 (Damn Water Weight).

Goal – 220 (45% along my journey… Keep Up the Great Work Dr. Tom)

A Little Motivation for the Week

Prayers and Blessings my Friends… May you find your why… and don’t forget to Believe… Achieve… Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams!

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