Curiosity… A Whole New World of Possibility!


Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.

Stephen Hawking

The Philosopher’s Corner

As I looked further and further into the depths of the rabbit hole we call the psyche, I began to realize its paradoxical pull. Myths, archetypes, conniving Polytheistic Gods of old, new and improved monotheistic God’s of love and compassion were all present. They all seemed to have a place in the pantheon we call our psychological wellness. However, what was their meaning? This was the journey I sought and continue to seek the answers for as a philosopher that studies the universal elements of the human psyche.

Dr. Carl Jung once wrote

The gods have become our diseases.

C.G. Jung

The universe cannot exist without psyche entering into it’s presence. Psyche, soul, that underlying movement that ebbs and flows as breath moves into the body to nurture its life giving capacity, yet simply falls away to rid itself of death giving forces held within creates the very movement we call life; this symphony elicits the dance between the paradoxical forces of light and dark, good and bad, holy and evil, up and down, male and female, those very opposites that pull through spirit at the foundation of the soul, to elicit our profound capacity to grow into a realized state of being. Spirit, that underlying driving force of energy that graces each of us at times of curiosity and wonderment, creates the reason this ebb and flow exists in the first place. Life… what a wonderful miracle each and everyone of us is afforded.

As I studied the deeper remnants of this ideal called the logos of psyche (study of soul), a term happily named psychology in the English language, the more I became attracted to the hidden Secret of the universe, those questions held only within the nature of the stars themselves. Telling in a way, that I would look above in order to go within. For it is during our Night Sea’s Journey that the nature of psyche is allowed to play in its most curious yet natural state; just as the heavenly stars grace the brow of our being, we Dream, and become privileged to the nature of God’s conversation to us as consciousness is allowed to slip from our ever present gaze, and we simply learn to let go.

I love today’s quote. It reminds me to look ahead, not down where I am at. Stephen Hawking was a master of his craft. A dreamer of the highest sorts. The Universe he taught us of has worlds of quantum possibility; possibilities of which have yet to even be brushed upon by the tenants of our human capacity to understand its significance. But it is one verse that the sum whole of his, as well as every other scientific or philosophical genius has ever operated… to be curious about what is… so that we can become privileged to what may become.

With prayers and blessings my friends. Believe… Achieve… Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams!


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