Humility: To Believe… Achieve… and Become


We have to stop and be humble enough to understand that there is something called mystery.

Paulo Coelho

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

Paulo Coelho

The Philosopher’s Corner

The Alchemist said… Ah the beauty of a true story teller. Paulo Coelho is one of my favorites. He uses the transformational language of universal themes to weave storylines of beauty. There theme transcends the barriers of consciousness itself, and speaks to the core of humanity’s plight to develop a deeper understanding of itself.

Simple… right? Yes, his style is brilliantly simple… but in its simplistic origins lies the more complex Secret. Coelho speaks directly to the origins of the soul, which makes him a true master of his craft indeed.

The language of soul is paradoxical by nature, archetypal in its foundation. It unites through division, and fragments its very nature to spur superfluous growth for those people that will undertake its journey. And it is an arduous journey indeed. Perhaps that is why so few people undertake it, and choose the path most taken versus taking that heroic step into the unknown. The true nature of soul lies in the wellspring of psyche, or that dark place the frog must enter to find the Golden Ball to return to his princess, all in the hopes of just “one kiss” to bring him back to his natural state beauty. Oh, how many times have we stared into the mirror, yearning for that one kiss to give us a sense of the beauty that just naturally stares back at us.

Alchemy in motion… The ability we each have to find the gold within. But a soulful journey is not an easy task. There is bucket work to do to enter the wellspring. But its reward… truly inspiring. The language of soul is a mystery, and must remain shrouded in such. It is not in solving its Secret, but in asking the very question that spurs Self development forward.

The journey begins with humility. Do we ever truly know? One of the greatest analytical reasoning exercises I ever underwent was during a Ph.D. program. My capacity to think was decimated and I was left to pick up the fragments of knowledge once attained to make sense of the journey I was undertaking. Splitting by nature, absolutely. But this was journey was self imposed. I began to realize that the nature of reality itself is created by the mind that perceives the beauty and/or ugliness of its nature. We are the key, the door, the room left behind, and the brave new world that lays at the other side. It is through our emotions that we begin to perceive the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. But the positive and negative pulls of each emotion are assigned by us; they are not universal constructs. What I see as ugly many may perceive a beautiful, and what I perceive to be something of beauty, many may not take the time of day. That is the beauty of the Secret… “beauty itself lays in the eye of the beholder.”

In today’s journey, I explore the nature of becoming through one of its foundations. Humility. We cannot muster bravery unless we are faced with underlying fears. But fear itself only causes a run and/or freeze reaction. To engage bravery is a different trait, and require anger at its core to create the psychological state needed to stand up to that which is creating the fear. We are all taught anger is a bad thing, but then again, is it? Or can it be conceptualized in a manner that is Self loving, Self preserving in nature. Allowing us doors to go within, solve what is there, so we can exit the other side realizing the Self potential that is ours.

Many prayers and blessings my friends. Don’t forget to Believe… Achieve… and Become. May your journey start with a conviction to Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams.

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