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Monday Morning Meditations: Abundance

Abundance and Honey in the Heart…


Today… I create abundance in my life by being grateful for what is present here and now. Thank you for my health… Thank you for my wealth… Thank you for my happiness… Namaste!

Dr. Thomas Maples

The Depth Psychology of a Soul’s Work in Progress

Happy Monday, friends. I hope you had a wonderful and restful weekend. It truly is a time to rest, relax, rejuvenate, and rekindle those passions we have for ourselves and the ones we love. It is also a time where the very nature of the relaxed state we adopt opens doors of abundance to pursue the passions of the dreams we cherish. In this week’s Monday Morning Meditation, I focus on abundance. What a novel concept. Just imagine if all that we had was enough, creating more of the good stuff so that we could fill our inner wellspring to its apex so that others may partake. That would be wonderful, don’t you agree? But there is a secret afoot, one that many people miss. Yet I can almost guarantee it was part of the foundational lessons your parents’ taught to you as a child. Any idea?

Gratitude. I know it may sound a little hokey. But bear with me for a minute as we explore the ash-heap so that we can get to those glowing embers found within the memories of a time long past.

I see a host of positive psychology perspectives popping up as it seems humanity has become entrenched in focusing on the negative. Why is this? Well, it has to do with the way we perceive ourselves through the eyes of another, or what psychologists call the social mirror theory. You see, our mind creates its inner and even outer reality based upon a third-person perspective. From this perspective, we do not see through the eyes granted us. Instead, we perceive through the eyes of another. From this omnipotent perspective, we judge ourselves from a model of what we perceive others will project upon us. Talk about a narcissistic view in its essence. From this perspective, objective reality caves to the subjective nature of the inner reality present, the philosophy of that self-loathing critic that knows no bounds in the human psyche. But what can we do to generate the gratitude needed to overcome this inner critic and bring abundance into our lives?

To be grateful, we must move from the third to the first-person perspective. Put the phone down, quit comparing your life to the lives you see in magazines, on television, or social media. These are illusions meant to keep you in a life of disillusionment and dis-ease. When we see ourselves for what we perceive others may see of us, the dictates of our consciousness, yes, those all to self-critical judgments that exist in the space between our ears create a rabbit hole most challenging escape. Even worse, because there is always someone more vital, more prosperous, more intelligent, more beautiful, or more nicely dressed, this inner critic is never allowed to rest. It merely burns the life-giving force at both ends until dis-ease turns into disease.

So how do we practice abundance? Especially when the foundation of our mind situates itself on an axis of a socially acceptable mirror? We must practice from the perspective of arriving, not striving. Ralph Waldo Emerson reminds us that “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” You see, most of us measure life by the destination attained. Still, in its finality, the experience afforded us during life is numerous destinations interwoven in a beautiful tapestry called life, created by the soul’s calling to fill its inner wellspring.

An infinite universe of angels exists on the head of a pin. Abundance is no different. It is already there for your soul to tap. The question is, on what wellspring will your soul focus? Be grateful for what is so that you can manifest more of what can be in your life.

As you can see, the journey has many arduous twists and turns. It is not always positive. There is a depth of work that goes into any destination attained. Yet, in this form of soul-work, abundance generates upon itself, taking its creator along for the ride.

Namaste, my friends. May abundance find you along your journey to believe, achieve, and advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.


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