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Believe… To See the Magic of the World

Inspirational Quote

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

Roald Dahl

A Depth Psychology Perspective

Our ability to believe is a cornerstone for all success to come. It touches upon the most intimate recesses of the soul, enlisting spirit to create those gnawing sparks of self-doubt that would hinder our journey or igniting the inferno of passion needed to realize that which we are to become. The crossroads of life lay here, and it is up to us to see the miracles that exist only to the eye trained to see their grandeur in the simplicity offered by this very moment. 

The nature of the secret is within. Where will your glittering eyes take you to find its presence? Don’t doubt. If it is a calling, it will gnaw at you to move it into real space. The magic that Roald Dahl speaks of when we train the eyes to see the world of secrets that lay in the most unlikely of places exists within. The key is to create the roadmap by which you will realize its destination. But what are the steps? 

The foundation is a belief in oneself. But that takes work. I know, I am a psychotherapist, and I see that it forms the root of most problems I work with people to overcome. But there are steps to get there.

  • Create Ritual – Create a ritual. With practice comes perfection. Whatever it is that you need, create ritual with your space and time. Practice at it until it feels friendly. In this practice, you will realize small successes, and from this success, you will begin to build momentum, as success gains volition to carry you to your dreams. 
  • Visualize your outcome – see your success in your mind. Move towards it in each practice session you undertake. Success in life starts with a vision and ends with a destination. 
  • Be grateful – again, turn to rule one and two. Gratitude is perhaps the most massive influencer of energy needed to build momentum. Part of our biggest problem is that we practice the psychology of striving versus arriving. Be grateful for this moment, right here and now. More will manifest. Pray – through prayers of gratitude, you will foster the inner workings of the soul to guide you along your path. Prayer allows the soul to open to the possibility of spirit. Here, the guardian angel that accompanies us along any journey worth undertaking is present and will guide us to find that higher order of purpose. Where self and Self unite is where personal meaning emerges. The question is, what stories do you want to tell of their journey?

Namaste, my friends. May prayers and blessings find you along your journey to believe, achieve, and advance confidently in the direction of your dreams. 

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