Inspiration for the Soul

Philosophical Food for Thought

Words to base a life upon. We all have a calling. What is yours?

History is written about those that stood directly in the face of status quo, and persevered despite the way the proverbial wind blew. That is why we remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to this day. What is your will to live? Will it face the test of time, and stand tall against the social winds that try to blow it down.

Just a little food for thought from a very prominent, and truly deserving man of history.

I happened upon this beautiful inspiration. It moved my soul. ideas like this separates the courageous from the weak. Those who stand for a principle such as this show conviction, not a blasé, heard mentality where thumbs ups or likes dictate the compass of one’s moral direction.

What inner something will you stand for?

With love and blessings my friends. May your journey find beautiful roads that lead you confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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