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Curiosity and Celebrating inner Potential

Inner World of Words

  • Today, I affirm to celebrate my inner calm, creative genius, and curious nature, as it leads me to realize with commitment and certainty my soul’s ability to advance confidently towards my dream’s intent. 
  • Just Relax, Breath, and find the rhythm of your breath. As you reflect upon these brief meditative moments, try to find that curious voice within, and let it guide you along this journey. 
  • As we wind down this journey together, reflect upon one area of curiosity that you can use, to re-engage your happiness habit. This curiosity represents your inner genius, and may just be calling upon you to a path that leads you to realize your goalsCe.  As always, namaste, my friends. May blessings find you on your journey to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams. 

Words of Wisdom

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Walt Disney

Did Curiosity Kill the Cat?

We all have the potential to do great things, but sometimes we need a reminder of our inner power. That’s where this affirmation comes into play.

As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat. But did it?

To realize the essence of our inner being, we need to find that drive that pulls us. All to often, we push, grind, push, and grind, but to what end? It is the push that tires us so, yet for many, it is the only answer to life events they have ever been taught. While this question has as many answers as there are people entrapped in this circle, there may be a way out of this rat race.

But as they say, cats oftentimes kill the rat, especially if it is tired from all the grinding, push, and effort needed to curb that hunger in the first place. Who needs more of the race anyways?

Remember when you were a child? Time was endless, and the fun was right there at your fingertips. What happened? As Sigmund Freud once said,

What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant intelligence of the child and the feeble mentality of the average adult.

Sigmund Freud

As adults, we lose our playful nature. But at times, maybe through watching a video, seeing a quote of inspiration, talking to a trusted confident, a spark ignites, where curiosity is allowed a voice, and the soul opens for one moment to realize its true intent.

Need to find your inner potential? Is a lack of curiosity holding you back to realize your dreams. Personal Development Coaching with Dr. Tom can help.

A Psychology to Realize Inner Potential

Realizing your inner potential can be hard. What to do?

In the journey to realize a thousand miles, you must be willing to take that first step. But oftentimes, fear, past failures, or a simple lack of self esteem can get into the way. If your have felt this to be the case, you may need a little assistance to begin your journey.

Personal Development Coaching can help.

Dr. Thomas Maples

My goal… To help you reclaim your passion for life.

In our journey together, we will create a wellness focus that honors body, mind, and spirit. By re-kindling your inner fire in pursuit of the dreams once lost to time or circumstance, you will find new purpose for living and become happier with what’s around every corner! Let us build a plan to Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams. 

I look forward to helping you. 

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