Engage Happiness Habits: 2 Live is to…

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Our Inspiration

To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,
To gain all while you give,
To roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.

Hans Christian Andersen
Happiness Habits are taking in the sun during the golden hour

Happiness Habits are…

A prescription for happiness, 
Peculiar won't you say? 

Who has that secret formula, 
to bring a smile to your day? 

The priest, the shrink, to doc,
a belief in something grand. 

Who is that mighty person, 
with the keyed up master plan?

EGO is a wonderment. 
It yearns to Edge God Out

Yet we sit, listen, strive, and grind 
to that first person with clout

Let your soul breath and fly, 
in and out, maybe float and lay,

for the roads less travelled 
will be the guide to my day.

The pentameter might be a little off. I am a bit rusty in the practice of stanzas. But, when my wife brought the beautiful poem above from an author of my favorite subject, fairy tales, I could not help but touch the flame of that inner child and strike up a little rhyme. What better way to engage your new happiness habits than to touch an inner flame of passion, one from the muses themselves, and have a little fun when it strikes?

We all have an inner voice calling upon us to engage our higher Self. By taking less traveled roads, we create movement, an ingredient that promotes internal growth. Even if fear stands in the way, take a new route to work. See what shift it makes. At a minimum, you may have new problems to solve. Yet the maximum is infinite in the experience we create.

In my travels, I have often forced myself to get lost so that I could find my way. This may seem daring, and I am here to say it is. Yet that challenge brings a new sense of joy to my day.

When you engage your inner problem solver, you create avenues for growth. Who knows what strange, firm, or beautiful stories may lay on that new path? It may take overcoming some inner fear that holds you back. But would it be worth it, for just one moment, if your treasure lay on that path?

Food for thought. My friends, may blessings find you on your roads less traveled. They create avenues for your dream to unravel. What is that worth to you?

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