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Words of Inspiration

Beauty awakens the soul to act.

Dante Alighieri

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Beauty and Soul: A Calling to Act

Are we part of God’s grand written story? Sometimes, my mind will take me up this pathway into the unknown territory of the mind’s eye, where things may get a little muddied, but clarity emerges from the depths of what is within.

When I happened upon Dante’s quote on beauty, I could not help but look for a complimentary source to examine how faith, soul, belief, and perception pull upon us to participate in those grander events that call upon us to act. When he was taken aback by the loveliness of Beatrice, that walked before him on that grandest of bridges in the streets of Florence, a muse was born. This created a calling for his soul to act in the form of writing an anthology of the great lengths humankind will undertake to find the beauty of that paradise that lies just beyond the personal hell created by the idling of a bored yet conscious mind.

What a beautiful story is found in the pages of his Divine Comedy.

When I think of musings like this, I cannot help but see the beautiful nature of God’s Divine comedy unfolding the lessons needed to awaken the soul to its calling – Love. You see, the elegance of that which is beautiful is always in the eye of the beholder. Maybe that is why Ralph Waldo Emerson likens it to God’s handwriting.

That which we find beautiful is a collective yet highly individual construct. Because that which is beautiful to me may be bland or, even worse ugly to your sensory perceptions, and vice versa, I see that as the loveliness of God’s handwriting. It imprints upon your soul what needs to be there, even if it is not necessarily something that imprints upon the souls of others in the same way. Thus, we create room for criticism and alignment in the same anthology.

Are we part of God’s grand written story? Maybe we operate in tandem with the beauty we create in the world. How does this work? Well, it has to come from within. We all have skills, but to what end do we use them? Some may be more perceptually gifted, while others may have a keen intuition.

Some may be more aware of their feelings, while others may be intellectually keen. What is right or what is wrong? Now don’t get me wrong, socially, some areas may be more sought after, but imagine a world devoid of feeling. How bleak would that be? Similarly, imagine a world dependent upon that which is perceived versus the possibilities present that have yet to be created within the intuitive dreamer. How bland would that world be if we could not dream or foresee something in the mind’s eye that can create other beauty?

What beauty will you choose to see this day? May your soul find the presence of beauty in all of God’s intent as you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams. Thank you for reading.

It is our choice to believe in the beauty of dreams unfolding. When we direct our mind’s eye to belief, faith guides us in the direction necessary to realize our Self as it unfolds into its most optimal being.

Are you being your best possible Self? Dr. Thomas Maples explores our personal and collective journey to realize our ultimate potential through the lens of psychology, personal development, and the myths that drive our journey forward.

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