resilience starts in the soul of the person.

Resilience 4 Heart

Was I good enough? 
Who could have known?

The voice from within called 
from the void of the unknown.

Would that bring joy, 
a degree of happiness within?

Only time could tell; 
for now, it remains imagined.

Resilience is there, 
but not in a form that is known.

It exists as a return 
to that place and time that is home.

(Dr. Thomas Maples) 

Imagine a challenge you are currently facing. What inner voice calls upon you? The weak…

  1. I don’t think I’ll be good enough.
  2. I wouldn’t have been happy with that anyway. 
  3. No problem, I can always do that tomorrow. 

Now imagine your optimal you, that inner voice that should guide your present moment; only maybe you need to train its internal strength and courage to overcome the voices of challenge listed above. 

4 Rules for Resilience and Inner Peace

Resilience starts from within. To develop psychological resilience, we must practice our skills of determination, perseverance, integrity, and develop grit through brave action. You see, there is a sheer determination needed to run a marathon, not a quick outburst of energy to be dissipated for 40 seconds. Anyone can do something for 40 seconds, but only some can engage in life for the long haul. This is because the inner voice of resilience and grit rests in the long haul, between the lines of don’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t, or shouldn’t, and the verb they modify. 

Building resilience starts with perseverance. To persevere, we must first develop integrity. As I examined in the last post, integrity is the mending force from within. This integrating nature forms at its foundation one voice, or what Wayne Dyer called the uni-verse, of the soul’s ability to realize its nature. By becoming one voice, we can drown out the others, those of self-doubt, that may stand in the way of adapting and overcoming those hurdles life may throw our way. 

Emotional resilience starts with integrity. To develop integrity, we must build resilience through bravery. No, not the foolhearted leaping into a firey building like we see in the superhero movies. Although that would be a baptism by fire, literally. No, I mean to be present with patience in our ability to address the unknowns, giving ourselves permission to live, learn, and learn through living. As even Maya Angelou knew, “This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before” (Maya Angelou). Can you greet the beauty of today with just a little more bravery than you did yesterday? I am sure you can, but it is ultimately up to you.

Lastly, in our journey of defining resilience, we cannot forget the importance of grit. Developing grit is an enduring factor; it takes endurance to train for the long haul, not the short term. This is the foundation from which resilience is created.

To show resilience, we must first encompass a need for vision. But a vision only manifests with movement towards its aim. A seed knows this, but I find it half-hilarious that all the complexity of human wisdom seems to deny this little universal law. You see, a seed knows to move towards its life-giving force. If it moved without aim, it would shrivel up and die within the dark nature of the earth that envelops and nurtures its very existence. Movement without aim leads to that sense of aimless wandering, creating the ambivalence seen in the voice of the ambivalent. 

Now imagine for one moment that resilient form of yourself. Can you see him? Can you see her? Hold onto it for a minute. This is not just a process of envisioning; it is meant to allow you to see the beauty of the image that is you, only stronger. That image is there, but waiting for guidance, your voice, to give it direction, to advance confidently towards that vision once dreamed. 

You see, resiliency is just that. Your capacity to return to the person you once were. Were you unscathed? No, but the wound, that scar it left behind, tells a story, one of loss, rejection, or despair, maybe. But there is also gain to be found in accepting your storyline, for it too can create moments of genuine hope and aspiration as you learn to navigate that beautiful being that is you. 

Cheers to some food for thought. You see, the journey undertaken to better our world starts first from within, for as we know, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Until next time, my fellow travelers, may blessings find you on your road to resilience and inner well-being as you envision, chart a course, and advance confidently in the direction of your dreams. 

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