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What I Wish I Would Have Known about Sleep: Rules for Practical Parenting

Scenario Scenario It’s 9 pm, the children’s bedtime, and the oldest just then informs you that he needs to take a bath. Okay, it’s summer break anyways, I think to myself. The conversation between everyone begins at 9:15 pm, and as you are reminding them of the need to go to bed, it continues anyways.…

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Rediscovering Passion

Inspirational Quote A Passion is Born… Having seen my children through a year of home-schooling was no easy task. I found myself strapped for time, tending to the garden of love and duty, yet somehow I made it through, even if by the skin of my teeth. Yet, I think we have all been in…

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Out with the Old, In with the New… Goodbye to a Year Gone By!

When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts. Dalai Lama In today’s podcast, Dr. Tom says goodbye to a year gone by. Oh, what sorrows, joy, pain, and love was shared in homeschooling our children during a year of pandemic education. What are your funny home school failures, successes,…

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The Wolf, The Golden Child, and a Deal with the Shadow

Inspirational Quote Philosophical Food for Thought As we follow the light of our personal journey forward, shadows are cast behind in the storyline unfolded. We cannot have light without its shadow, just as we cannot perceive day in the absence of night. We must sometimes touch upon that dark wisdom to re-ignite the passion within.…

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