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The Beauty Within…

Words of Inspiration A Philosopher’s Stone To be thankful, grateful, and to stand in awe at the miracle that surrounds us. Beauty formed the foundation of my Thanksgiving weekend, as I realized the true blessing of all there is to be grateful for. Do you sometimes wonder from where does all the anger and despair…

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Overcoming the Odds

Words of Inspiration A Philosopher’s Stone There is something courageous in these words. Conviction is present, even when it faces the odds of being perceived as an improbable fear. What brings this sort of conviction to the psyche? Inborn character traits, internal proclivity, natural selection, or an abundance of nurture? I don’t believe so! To…

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A Dream is But a Dream…

Inpirational Words of Wisdom… A Philosopher’s Stone There is something extraordinary in these words. They gently remind us that the doors to what is perceived are not always what stares us in the face. I cannot help but wonder if Pierre Teilhard de Chardin read this philosophy before making his bold statement that we are…

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The Art of Readiness

Inspirational Words of Wisdom When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will Disappear. Lao Tzu The Philosopher’s Stone When we are ready, life creates the means from which the teacher appears. But the lessons taught can only be integrated when the soul prepares for the…

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To Be Present

Inspiration for the Soul… A Philosopher’s Stone The source of anxiety occurs when we assume a future perspective. The source of depression happens to us when we focus too far on the past. Either way, we miss the moment and trip over ourselves. Hopefully, we do not make a mistake to assume that just because…

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Hi there. I am Dr. Thomas Maples. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist and have been working with people for nearly two decades to initiate, chart the course, and advance in the direction of their dreams.

In this blog, I write on methods and theories of psychological development that honor body, mind, and spiritual growth.

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