On Trust

Inspirational Quote The concept of trust seems lacking in the light of suspiciousness being peddled in a world bent on leering into the lives of others. It’s incredible how many people lack this most basic of personality dynamics. I can’t count how many times I have seen the root of psychological strife grounded in the…

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The Magic of Patience

Use Your Illusions Have you ever seen a meme? What is it?It is reality, something funny to post to your dearest 5K followers, or something of an illusion to catch your attention? Most will not ponder even a question like this as we fllip through the phone, computer devide, or tablet to mainline our daily…

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person holding baby s hand

What I Wish I Would Have Known about Sleep: Rules for Practical Parenting

Scenario Scenario It’s 9 pm, the children’s bedtime, and the oldest just then informs you that he needs to take a bath. Okay, it’s summer break anyways, I think to myself. The conversation between everyone begins at 9:15 pm, and as you are reminding them of the need to go to bed, it continues anyways.…

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mother helping her daughter use a laptop

Rediscovering Passion

Inspirational Quote A Passion is Born… Having seen my children through a year of home-schooling was no easy task. I found myself strapped for time, tending to the garden of love and duty, yet somehow I made it through, even if by the skin of my teeth. Yet, I think we have all been in…

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About Me

Hi there. I am Dr. Thomas Maples. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist and have been working with people for nearly two decades to initiate, chart the course, and advance in the direction of their dreams.

In this blog, I write on methods and theories of psychological development that honor body, mind, and spiritual growth.

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