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Therapy can help. At first, it may not be comfortable. But with time, you will learn ways to adapt, overcome, and move on from the heaviness of depression.

At The Stockton Therapy Network, we take pride in offering you direct access and contact with your therapist. At your initial session, you will be provided with the office phone number and the direct contact information for your therapist. We take pride in the counseling and therapeutic services we offer, and welcome contact from our client. We understand that life occurs outside of the therapy room, and that sometimes things arise that affect us at inopportune times. It is at these moments that our holistic approach to therapy can be most effective. Our therapist will return phone calls in a timely manner, and provide you effective feedback on how your problems may or may not relate with the treatment goals you have set forth. Our philosophy, we will work with you from the areas you identify as personal strengths so we help you overcome the areas of weakness that affect your life. Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams!

Holistic Treatment for Body, Mind, and Spiritual Development

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