Healthy Seniors Guide: 15 Resources for Growing Older in Good Health

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15 Resources for Growing Older in Good Health

No longer does growing old mean growing ill or frail. Today’s seniors are redefining aging, turning the last chapter of life into one that’s just as healthy, active, and vibrant as the younger years. Healthy aging doesn’t come without effort, however. Staying fit and healthy into your 60s, 70s, and beyond requires making health and wellness a priority. From regular exercise to routine doctor’s visits, these are the resources seniors need to keep their health on track.

Taking Care of Your Health

Maintaining a healthy body and mind isn’t a job to tackle alone. Regular check-ins with your doctor help you stay on top of age-related changes and detect health problems before they grow serious. As a senior, you have access to healthcare benefits under Medicare, but understanding what Medicare covers and how to maximize your health benefits can be confusing. These resources will help you find and use Medicare coverage that’s best for you.

Hiring Caregivers

Even the healthiest seniors need help sometimes. Whether you’re having trouble keeping up with your home or you’ve developed a chronic condition that requires ongoing care, there are places you can turn for help. The most popular choice for seniors is assisted living, which offers private living quarters where seniors can get help with everyday needs like dressing and bathing, but other senior living options are available for seniors with varying levels of need. Use these resources to learn about the caregiving options available and how to pay for them.

  • Read about Medicare’s long-term care coverage and other ways to pay.
  • Understand Medicaid’s state-by-state rules for long-term care coverage.
  • Learn how to hire in-home caregivers.
  • Read up on the difference between independent living and assisted living.
  • Research assisted living facilities near Stockton (facilities in California have a median cost of $54,000 each year).

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Doctors and caregivers are invaluable resources for healthy aging, but seniors shouldn’t underestimate the impact their own choices have on their health. Eating well and exercising are just as important during the senior years as when you were younger. That’s not to say that seniors should maintain the exact same habits as their younger counterparts. Here’s how you can find information on diet and exercise recommendations designed for older adults.

Staying Social as You Age

Social networks have a powerful influence on senior health, from promoting a healthy lifestyle to helping seniors cope with stress. Social seniors rank higher on physical, mental, and emotional health scores than socially isolated seniors, but loneliness is unfortunately common among older adults. For help building and maintaining an active social life, turn to these resources.

While some seniors are looking for ways to maintain lifelong healthy habits as their body changes with age, others are thinking seriously for the first time about how their lifestyle impacts their health. No matter where you stand, it’s never a bad time to make your health a priority. With these resources, you can do what it takes to enjoy your senior years the way you’re meant to: in good health, good company, and good cheer.

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