Mental Health Testing

Dr. Maples offers a wide array of psychological, personality, risk assessment, evaluation, and report writing services geared to provide an objective understanding of the mental health problems that can affect a forensic case. Need to understand the personality, mental health symptoms, violent versus non-violent risk potential, Dr. Maples can help.

Expert Testimony

Dr. Maples has qualified as an expert in forensic mental health with the San Joaquin County Superior Court in mental health, diagnosis, childhood development, and general psychology. He has testified in dozens of cases ranging from DUI to Murder. Click the Link Below for a Full Review of his CV.

Evaluation & Report Writing

Dr. Maples offers a wide array of report writing services, including PC 1001.36 Mental Health Diversion Reports, 707 (a)(1) Juvenile Transfer Hearing Evaluation for Adult Court, Social Security Hearing Reports, Dispositional Hearing Disputes, and Others.

Dr. Thomas Maples has certified as an expert witness in San Joaquin County, California, for mental health, childhood development, and general psychology. He offers a wide range of psycho-diagnostic testing, evaluation, report writing, and expert testimony services to help you achieve objective results. Dr. Maples has over two decades of experience working with adults and juvenile populations in education, criminal justice, foster care settings, psychiatric inpatient, and outpatient settings, which gives him a wealth of experience in working with your forensic evaluation needs.

Dr. Maples has worked closely with criminal defense attorneys and the prosecution to provide a thorough understanding of the case formulation at hand. He has experience in dozens of juvenile transfer hearings, social security fitness evaluations, reports, mental health diversion cases, and alternative disposition resolutions based on mental health service needs.

Dr. Maples charges $250 an hour for all forensic services. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Get in touch, and we can explain what services might suit you and tell you more about our fees. Get in touch below.

Forensic Psychology

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