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Integral Family Therapy & Counseling

Love is the most important and joyful emotion we will ever encounter. In life, we learn to share our personal journey with those we love, and ultimately realize our self potential in the relationships we form with loved ones. From our earliest beginnings, we learn to love the individuals that we are closest to, our family, which in turn forms the foundation from which we develop all future loving relationships.

Our family is the single most influential asset we have in the journey of life. They teach us values, morals, and the life lessons we need to know for optimal self development. Through thick and thin, bad times and good times, poorness and wealth, illness and health, our family shares in our personal journey, teaching us ways to relate with and learn from the experiences life throws our way. So, why is it that those whom we love, oftentimes become the very cause of the daily stress, frustration, and the ill feelings we we harbor as we attempt to make sense of our life journey in relationship with others?

Simply put, family problems are relational problems. In learning to relate with others, we oftentimes allow personal issues, conflicts, and the dynamics of our past family experiences to interfere with learning effective ways to engage those we love. Family dysfunction is not a sentence, but a beacon, signaling us to learn from the similarities and differences we share with our loved ones. By learning to love in a more effective manner, we become attuned to our personal values, and can grow along with our spouse, as we learn ways to build upon the strengths of our similarities and differences, and learn from the faults that plague your relationship.

We all face stress, and family dysfunction can add to your daily stress. In Integral Family Therapy, we address the issues that affect your relationship. As a treatment, Integral Family Therapy helps you identify the issues that affect you, your spouse, and your family system, puts them forward for exploration, and allows you to functionally work out the dysfunctional aspects that may plague your family system. Whether your family problems are relational, financial, religious, or sexual, integral family therapy helps you identify the ways you love, can grow within your relationship, and helps you explore, correct, and move on from states of family dysfunction to a states of harmony and balance within your relationship. Imagine, the effect if you and your spouse could rekindle those original feelings that so deeply attracted you to one another. Integral Family Therapy assists you to develop a more holistic understanding of how your interpersonal and relational growth affects one another.

​At the Stockton Therapy Network, we provide family therapy and counseling services geared to address the issues you and your family face. Many relational problems can be solved, once the issues causing stress are explored in a safe and secure environment. Let our Life Coach and Marriage Family Therapist help you in premarital, marital, or amicable separation needs.

Find Your own personal ways to love, and see how they relate with your spouse at The Stockton Therapy Network

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