Feeling Stuck?

Stress happens, and the general feeling of unease caused by stress affects nearly everyone. If left unchecked, these stressors can even cause major emotional, spiritual, and physical health problems. That is where Personal Development Coaching can help!

Career, family relationships, developing positive habits, relationships, spirituality, identifying, charting the course, and navigating towards one’s dreams, or simply seeing ourselves in a different light from the one we are in can all be significant sources of internal and external stress. 

What can you Do?

Strength-Based Personal Development Coaching for Your Best Self

I have practiced as a healing professional for two decades. One common theme I have seen underlying all forms of stress centers on the idea that the image we hold deeply in our soul does not equate to the picture of what or whom we want to become. My intent as a coach is to help you chart a course, implement, and rewrite your personal vision based upon the hero’s journey that calls upon your inner strengths. Let us work together to re-ignite your passion and advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Feel the Difference…

My coaching method is simple and straightforward. We will identify a dream in our work together, create a plan, and implement that plan to create a personal vision for balance between body, mind, and spiritual health. I work from a strength-based focus on emotional wellbeing. Coaching Masterclasses include work in the areas of Mindfulness, a Positive Psychology Perspective, Understanding and Balancing Life Domains, Emotional Intelligence, Meaning and Value-Based Living, A Science of Self Acceptance, Maximizing Your Strengths, Realizing Resilience, Creating and Maintaining Positive Relationships, and Motivation and Goal Achievement.

In our work together, we will chart a course and monitor the progress of your dream as you move forward. We will delve into the weaknesses that hold you back and develop an intimate understanding of the strengths that drive you to Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams.

Personal Development Coaching On Demand

A-Synchronous Texting and Psycho-Educational Mobile App.


Our pricing structure is simple and straightforward. There are never any hidden fees. Personal Development Coaching is priced to fit any budget. Dr. Tom offers a text only package, or text with personal competitively priced to fit your personal coaching and budget needs.

Dr. Tom accepts a limited number of clients, and therapy is available by appointment only. Please note that the Personal Development Coaching On Demand System is not therapy. You cannot use medical insurance to pay for this service. It is a system developed to provide effective coaching around psycho-educational themes that will help you identify, chart a course, and engage a plan of action to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

  • Personal Development Coaching On Demand Text Package – $250
  • Personal Development Coaching + 2 (30 minute) live sessions with Dr. Tom – $400
  • Personal Development Coaching + 4 (30 minute) live sessions with Dr. Tom – $500

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