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Stress affects all of us. Whether it is work related, caused by unhappy relationships with family and friends, or caused by personal conflict between your personal ambitions versus your current circumstances, stress can have disastrous effects on our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

The Journal of The American Medical Association (JAMA) links the effects of stress and hypertension to serious physical and psychological illnesses such as heart attacks, cancer, and depression. The effects of stress and hypertension have a causal link to heart disease, and is reported by JAMA to be as unhealthy for “your heart as smoking and high cholesterol.” The AMA estimates that 80% of doctors visits are stress related and the American Psychological Associations estimates that 1/3 of Americans deal with extreme stress daily with 50% of interviewed Americans stating they lay awake at night, having disturbed sleep patterns due to stress. With its link to heart disease, heart attacks, and severe psychological illnesses, Americans must find a way to achieve simple balance in life.

Individual counseling, psychotherapy, and life-coaching can help you achieve optimal life balance, finding new and effective ways to deal with the effects stress causes on your life. By Achieving balance between your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, you open to door to greater self understanding, as you learn to engage life in a more efficient and self sustaining manner. See what a difference new beginnings can make in your life, as you learn to achieve optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual well being with out therapists / life coaches at The Stockton Therapy Network.

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