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Thomas Maples


Dr. Thomas C. Maples

(209) 565-1514‬
Mon - Fri: 9 AM - 1 PM

Dr. Thomas Maples

Dr. Thomas C. Maples
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Christy Lees
Christy Lees
15:54 25 Sep 19
1st appt. he allowed me the time and space to just speak freely and spill everything thats going on in my life. Excited... for my next more
Charles G
Charles G
18:00 13 Feb 19
I saw thomas maple in 2016 he's a great therapist and very helpful
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In recent years, the media has portrayed mental health in a highly negative light. News media stories that focus on deranged individuals that take part in horrifically violent acts attain national headlines, as our country struggles to make sense of a growing number of social concerns.

The psychotherapists at the Stockton Therapy Network specialize in the treatment of mental health disorders. However, our approach is highly individualized, strength based, and does not focus on symptoms as being an illness, but as a gateway towards self understanding that will better assist you to identify, plan for, and advance confidently in the direction your dreams will lead you.

Our therapists specialize in relationship counseling, individual psychotherapy, family therapy, child and adolescent therapy, and psychological testing to assist with a number of forensic applications. We provide an integral approach to your mental health needs. Our therapists will assist you to identify goals of treatment, develop a plan to reach those goals, learn areas of concern that may impede your success, and assist you to navigate and overcome your problematic emotions, thoughts, behaviors, relationships, and other life stressors. Our psychotherapists are specially trained to help foster your journey of Self understanding, allowing you to find new ways to deal with stress, anxiety, disturbances of thought, habitual behaviors, and emotional despair. When combined with meditation, contemplative practices, these lessons open a person to new and greater understanding of your inner Self.

Whether your problems may be relational in nature, or if you have problems with drugs or alcohol, prescription medication abuse, or your problems are emotional in nature (depression, anxiety, obsessive or intrusive thoughts, obsessive compulsive disorder, or PTSD) our therapists can help.

Your mental health stands as an integral part of your overall emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. When problematic behaviors, symptoms, or personality conflicts stand in the way of your success, let our therapists help you to begin making sense of your life, and re-engage your emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing in a manner that fosters long lasting personal growth.

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