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Courage to Take Action

Inspirational Quote A Philosopher’s Corner The natural state of fear encloses. It creates a tension of sorts that makes us want to go within, tighten up, and leave the situation, creating the state of anxiety felt—fear cues for the flight or freeze response. However, if you have ever watched a horror movie, we all know…

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Abundance… To Do What You Love!

Inspirational Quote Philosophical Food For Thought I had a little fun with this one. Not only is it from my favorite author, but it also includes a funny animal video for some philosophical giggles.  Hello, my friends. Hope all is well. Has fear ever stopped you from doing something you love? Have you ever questioned…

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Nature Does Not Hurry…

Inspirational Quote Food for Thought? What is the rush? We only have a short time on this earth, but time and time again, I see that the psychology of striving creates the very misery that people attempt to mitigate by chasing material dreams “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” As Lao Tzu reminds…

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