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Live Your Life On Your Terms Starting Today

An Article By Karen Weeks An unfortunate truth that has spanned dozens of generations and knows no racial or economic boundary is that we often feel like we have to live up to other people’s expectations. This is dangerous thinking, and, ultimately, happiness is not a matter of how other people perceive you but how…

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The Will to Persevere

Words of Wisdom Philosophical Food for Thought Far too often, we fear failure. But there is beauty to be found in failing forward. You see, failure is a mindset. It doesn’t happen to us; we create success by perception, self-talk, and willingness to persevere. While this is known as a core principle of developing a…

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Family: Link to Our Past… Bridge to Our Future

From where do resolve and inner strength come? Is it a personal blessing received through the genetics we inherit, or is it instilled into us by our parents, loved ones, and the environment we inhabit? Maybe, it is more significant than the simplistic need to split such complex truths into binary constructs such as nature…

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