A Sacred Journey Podcast

Engage your Sacred Journey

Our life experiences are highly individual yet collective experiences. We all yearn to find ways to honor and tap into our potential.

Are you looking for information that promotes healthy growth? Dr. Thomas Maples explores the depths of human potential through the psyche’s capacity to realize its dreams.

Explore the inner callings and symbols of myth, fairy tales, and the stories we create to find meaning in this journey called life.


In today's podcast, Dr. Thomas Maples explores the archetypes of the sun and shadow, using an inspirational quote by Walt Whitman, who reminds us to always keep our face to the life-giving sun, so that shadows will fall behind. — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thomas-maples8/message
  1. A Guiding Light: Peace and Engaging the Shadow
  2. Philosophical Inspiration: A Necessity 4 Fact
  3. A Necessity 4 Fact: Statistics and Reality Created
  4. Perseverance: Slow and Steady wins the Race
  5. An Awakened State: Guided Meditation and Affirmation.
  6. Promises to Keep, Before I Sleep: Health, Psychology, and New Beginnings
  7. Harness Your Inner Flame
  8. A Guiding Light Meditation
  9. A Bandaged Space for Healing Meditation
  10. Siddhartha: Out of the Shadow, Light… Our Archetypal Beginnings
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