Notice of Privacy Practices: HIPPA Compliance and Your Rights

It is The Stockton Therapy Networks utmost commitment to uphold your privacy. As you establish a relationship in therapy, you and your therapist will explore personal areas of concern, ones that could have had an adverse effect on your emotional wellbeing.

Our licensed professionals and Inter Staff members will uphold you confidentiality. However, state and federal laws dictate that under certain circumstances your confidentiality must be overturned when it comes to matters of personal safety, safety of others, or the safety of dependent children and / or adults.

At The Stockton Therapy Network, we take pride in upholding your confidentiality. We will make every effort to help you work through the problems that affect your life, find new found balance in your emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing, and empower you to find closure to situations that may affect your emotional and spiritual health.

Please take the time to read our Notice of Privacy Practices to understand how Federal Law affects the limits of your confidentiality. If you should have any questions, our therapists and intern therapists are there to assist you in furthering your understanding regarding the limits of confidentiality and your rights under HIPPA.

HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices