Frequently Asked Questions

Advance Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams

Professional fees are frightening. Although psychotherapy, helps you make sense of many questions that stand in your way to personal growth, we understand that there are many questions you want answered before you commit to an individualized treatment plan for body, mind, and spiritual growth. Let us set your mind at ease.

How Much Will This Cost Me? – I offer competitively priced, individualized treatment options made to help you realize your Self potential. I will help you chose a treatment option that best suits your individualized need for body, mind, and spiritual wellbeing.

Will My Insurance Cover this Expense? – At this time, we work with limited insurance panels. Because we base our model on a holistic treatment method of Self Exploration and Realization exercises promotes a healthy balance between body, mind, and spiritual potential, some services may not be covered by insurance panels. By informing your therapist of your preferred billing method, they will work with you to create a tailor made treatment plan that will help you achieve optimal emotional wellbeing.

Will I be Billed for Every Contact I Make with My Therapist? – I take a unique and individualized approach to your Body, Mind, and Spiritual Wellbeing. I encourage my clients to remain in contact, as they undergo their journey of Self Exploration and Realization. Unlike traditional therapies, where treatment ends once the billing hour is complete, I contact from my clients through email. I see myself as a guide that travels with you along your journey of self exploration and self realization. Dream life forward, and advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Our Mental Health Counseling Method

My psychotherapy method is simple and straightforward. In our work together, we will identify a dream, create a plan, and implement that plan to create a personal vision to move you forward. We will delve into the weaknesses that hold you back from engaging that dream and develop an intimate understanding of your personal strengths that drive you to Advance Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams.

Psychotherapy Masterclasses include work in the areas of Mindfulness, a Positive Psychology Perspective, Understanding and Balancing Life Domains, Emotional Intelligence, Meaning and Value-Based Living, A Science of Self Acceptance, Maximizing Your Strengths, Realizing Resilience, Creating and Maintaining Positive Relationships, and Motivation and Goal Achievement.


Call for Updated Information about Insurances currently accepted.

Private Pay Fees

  • 1 Hour Video Session – $150 (per session)
    • All Sessions approximately 50 minutes in length.
    • Email / Texting included (Up to 1x daily).

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