A Sacred Journey Podcast

Podcast: Engage Your Sacred Journey

I genuinely want to thank you for joining me here. It has always been my dream to work on the radio. When I started my journey into the study of depth psychology, I became sidetracked by this dream. Like many, it is easy to get sidetracked, but when I learned of the art of podcasting, I realized that just maybe my dream to create a talk show that focused on practical psychology was within reach.

Throughout my years as a psychotherapist in private practice, I have realized that our life experiences are highly individual yet collective experiences. We all yearn to find ways to honor and tap into our potential.

Are you looking for information that promotes healthy growth? Dr. Thomas Maples explores the depths of human potential through the psyche’s capacity to realize its dreams.

In this podcast, I explore the inner callings and symbols of myth, fairy tales, and the stories we create to find meaning in this journey called life.

If you wish to leave a comment or have a featured question in a future episode, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Thomas Maples Directly at one of his social media outlets or leave a recordable podcast Voice Message for Dr. Tom on Spotify.


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