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Thomas Maples

Another great article from Angie at Maples Family Law. The way you present yourself creates initial opinions about you, that may or may not be correct. These oftentimes stand as the foundation for the decision you face, rather it be employment, within the context of a court hearing, or other formal settings. In these circumstances, it is imperative you put your best foot forward and understand that initial opinions do matter as it relates to the decision you are trying to elicit. This is not about conservatism versus liberalism, or the denial of self expression; rather it is about employing a simple, straight forward effort to show respect for the formal setting with which you are engaged.

If you’re going to divorce court, you need to know what to wear. Your Stockton divorce attorney will be happy to answer your questions about what to wear to divorce court, but it’s best if you get a general idea now. It’s about more than just looking your best; it’s also about respecting the dignity…

via What to Wear to Divorce Court in Stockton, CA — Maples Family Law

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