Inspirational Words of Wisdom

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will Disappear.

Lao Tzu

The Philosopher’s Stone

When we are ready, life creates the means from which the teacher appears. But the lessons taught can only be integrated when the soul prepares for the content learned. The willingness to will things into existence through sheer volition is not enough to bend the physical universe’s nature. Instead, we must operate in tandem with those wavelengths that call upon the heart of our soul to act.

The Law of Attraction in action prepares us only when we make space to realize the nature of that which calls upon us. When ready, the universe opens the soul to the very space it needs to fill the chasm with the lessons taught. When done correctly, the space fills with the classes taught, and the teacher will then disappear, having planted the seed of knowledge needed to fill your waiting vessel. To what heights will you nurture the seedlings of lessons taught to you? Only time and action will tell.

Namaste, my friends. May blessings find you on your journey to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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