Words of Wisdom

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.

Engaging the Improbable

As a child, I remember the images of angelic and devilish characters popping up on the shoulders of such antagonists as Tom the cat, from the hit cartoon Tom and Jerry, or the same ideals of conscience in action occurring to Disney’s very own beloved pup, Pluto. However, as we mature, a voice eventually arises that presents us with options. This voice gives us options, some good and some bad. Either way, the spokesperson between one’s ears ultimately decides which route to undertake.

When faced with something important, there is a choice to make. These choices come with consequences. Like the options available, each choice can lead to a good or bad outcome. Making a decision either way ultimately denies access to the storyline of the other decision effect on the journey of one’s life. In exploring this neutrality, I am not attempting to deny the presence of horrible choices. In this arena exists the concept of sin, morally reprehensible intentions that would inflict pain or oppression on others, or even self-reproachable ideals that would afflict the very nature of our conscience itself. While neutral ground always exists between two dichotomous polarities that pull at the psyche, the very heart of navigating one versus another creates the dynamic growth soul needs to realize its nature.

Elon Musk reminds us to strengthen our will and choose a direction. Will it be difficult? Yes. But to what degree will difficulties arise if you move against the nature of your calling? That is why we must exercise that muscle called the conscience. To better ourselves. To better our world. But as we all know, we cannot see beauty in the world until we have a firm grasp of the beauty within.

May blessings find you on your path to inner beauty as you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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