Siddhartha & Our Archetypal Origins: From Shadow… 2 Light

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In the archetypal shadow, we often realize the depths of light behind our psychology.

The Shadow, Light, and our Early Origins

In the shade of the home, we are born, the product of our mother and father’s lineage. In the worst or best of circumstances, wanted or not, loved or misunderstood, we grow. If we have the luck to inhale at this very moment, what a miraculous gift of light we have been given, for we were, are, and will continue to be strong enough to brave life’s path with the right guidance. 

In this podcast, we explore the archetypal journey of Siddhartha as he is born into the security of his childhood home and the shadow it creates. We discuss how this story can be used to understand our own personal development, and reflect on the stages of growth we all experience in our lives, and how these maturational processes affect a psychology that can ultimately realize its foundational level.

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