Inspiration: The Inner Child

Dr. Tom explore the divine child archetype, that inner child that drives our psychological renewal and regeneration

Genesis and Self: A Journey of Hope and Faith with Dr. Thomas Maples

Inspiration: Psyche and Self Development

Dr. Tom explores psyche, self development, the need to let go, to embrace, and to eventually direct the manifestations of our dreams.

Inspiration: The Divine Nature of Childhood Unfolded

“A person’s a person, no matter how small…” “Adults are just outdated children.” (Dr. Seuss)
How to find Happiness… Return to those unfiltered eyes of childhood to re-engage the environment with a sense of wonder. (Dr. Tom)

The Holy Family Triune -The Father, Mother, and Child: Archetypal Development during Early Childhood

The Holy Triune explores the archetypal family structure using Jung’s analytical theory of archetypes to explore early childhood development.

Siddhartha and Archetypal Themes of Early Childhood Development

The story Siddhartha written by the Nobel Laureate author Herman Hesse has differences from the true life of Siddhartha Gautama, the prince that would eventually become the Buddha. Hesse presents … Continue reading Siddhartha and Archetypal Themes of Early Childhood Development