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father with little kid resting on rocky ground near river in mountains

A Father’s Belief

Words of Inspiration Tidbits from a Father I remember the sheer terror associated with the idea of becoming a father. Looking back, especially with my knowledge of developmental psychology, no wonder I was fearful. There seems to be a cultural assault on this fundamental building block of the nuclear family. I cannot help but wonder …

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shallow focus of sprout

Hope… To Dream Life Forward

Words of Inspiration Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. Epicurus Psychological Tidings One of the greatest gifts humankind has is the capacity to hope. Yet, this can be a double edged sword without its …

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clouds cold evening freezing

Christmas Blessings 2021

Words of Inspiration “I heard the bells on Christmas Day Their old, familiar carols play, And wild and sweet The words repeat Of peace on earth, good-will to men!” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow A Personal Blessing You cannot remove the subjective state from a scientist. Nor can the philosopher remove their inquiring nature from the essence …

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top view of valley near body of water

A Seedling of Faith

Words of Inspiration Engaging The Myth Within What can you do with a bit of faith? In this passage, we are reminded of the true nature of faith. Belief in the unknown. This forms the foundation of any first step we undertake to realize the brevity of our dreams. However, as with any human condition, …

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white flowers

The Beauty Within…

Words of Inspiration A Philosopher’s Stone To be thankful, grateful, and to stand in awe at the miracle that surrounds us. Beauty formed the foundation of my Thanksgiving weekend, as I realized the true blessing of all there is to be grateful for. Do you sometimes wonder from where does all the anger and despair …

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canyon arizona

Overcoming the Odds

Words of Inspiration A Philosopher’s Stone There is something courageous in these words. Conviction is present, even when it faces the odds of being perceived as an improbable fear. What brings this sort of conviction to the psyche? Inborn character traits, internal proclivity, natural selection, or an abundance of nurture? I don’t believe so! To …

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A Dream is But a Dream…

Inpirational Words of Wisdom… A Philosopher’s Stone There is something extraordinary in these words. They gently remind us that the doors to what is perceived are not always what stares us in the face. I cannot help but wonder if Pierre Teilhard de Chardin read this philosophy before making his bold statement that we are …

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crystal ball in hands

To Be Present

Inspiration for the Soul… A Philosopher’s Stone The source of anxiety occurs when we assume a future perspective. The source of depression happens to us when we focus too far on the past. Either way, we miss the moment and trip over ourselves. Hopefully, we do not make a mistake to assume that just because …

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What Do You See?

Inspiration for the Soul A Philosopher’s Stone I have always been fascinated by this saying from novelist Aldous Huxley. It speaks to the relative nature of reality at its finest. What we believe, we perceive, and what we perceive, we ultimately see. I wear reading glasses. When I remove them, the written world becomes blurred, …

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scarlet macaw

Courage to Fly

Inspirational Quote A Philosopher’s Corner Analysis Paralysis. Ever have it? It is real. For us bloggers, we may view it as writer’s block. But whatever form it takes, the underlying emotion of anxiety can cause even the strongest-hearted to freeze over in perpetual “what ifs.” But why is this the case? Anxiety is a natural …

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cute dolphine underwater

Courage to Take Action

Inspirational Quote A Philosopher’s Corner The natural state of fear encloses. It creates a tension of sorts that makes us want to go within, tighten up, and leave the situation, creating the state of anxiety felt—fear cues for the flight or freeze response. However, if you have ever watched a horror movie, we all know …

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