There is a long standing myth that in California, fathers are at a disadvantage when it comes to divorce and child custody cases. These myths, although true to some extent as it relates to the ways courts ruled in the 20th century are not necessarily valid, and can cost you not only from a financial perspective, but also from the standpoint of you, your children, and your family’s psychological health. In this article, Maples Family Law explores the do’s and don’ts for fathers who find themselves engaged with a family law case in Stockton CA.

In the state of California, mothers and fathers have equal rights to parenting time when the courts are figuring out child custody. Moms and dads are held to the same standards when it comes to income and child support, too (and men and women are equal in the law’s eyes when it comes to paying…

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  1. True story! I got divorced and have custody of my kids full time. I was scared to file because I thought there was no way I would get to keep my kids, but if you are willing to fight it is possible. I also get 25% child support. Dads NEVER give up on your kids!

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