Have you been considering a divorce. Aside from the emotional turmoil that follows any relationship break, there are clear steps you can take to help mitigate the financial, legal, emotional, and relational concerns that oftentimes arise with divorce.

Here are seven steps you can take to help you and your family prepare for a divorce.

  1. Deal with your emotions – Oftentimes, emotions stand at odds for what is needed during a divorce. Keeping a cool head and calm demeanor allows you to get through the businesslike aspects of a divorce. While emotions run high during a relationship split, it is imperative to remove your emotions from the equation. Oftentimes, a therapist in combination with a good family law attorney can help you navigate the complexities of this emotional time while keeping your best legal interest in mind.
  2. Gather documentation – This is imperative from the legal perspective. It allows you to fully understand the picture you and your spouse have created, while assuring that you are entitled to your fair share of what was created by your union.
  3. Consider your job prospects – Know your job prospects and prepare financially, mentally, and emotionally to work. Speak with your attorney regarding what support mechanisms you may be entitled to.
  4. Make a financial plan – Your finances will surely change. Know the ins and outs of your finances, and get help from your attorney, financial planner, or CPA to help you determine your financial picture. It will change with the upcoming divorce.
  5. Set goals – Begin to dream and dream big. Divorce is a new beginning once you deal with the initial distress caused from the relationship split. Not only set goals, but begin to plan ways to implement them in your life to develop your own success and happiness habits. Your therapist can help.
  6. Talk to a lawyer about your options – Always speak to an attorney about your options. They have your best legal interest in mind. However, also know that attorney’s only offer one side of the equation. There main focus is to help you legally, which is more business like than emotional. If you find yourself not being able to cope with your emotions, you might be better off to see a certified Marriage and Family Therapist.
  7. Help your children – Children will oftentimes feel the brunt of the divorce. Talk to them, and talk to them often. It will help. If they cannot express their emotions to you, seek professional help with a child counselor or therapist to help them navigate and work through the emotional distress that comes with a divorce.

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