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A Seedling of Faith

Words of Inspiration Engaging The Myth Within What can you do with a bit of faith? In this passage, we are reminded of the true nature of faith. Belief in the unknown. This forms the foundation of any first step we undertake to realize the brevity of our dreams. However, as with any human condition, …

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The Myth Within: ReCycling History

The Myth Within In today’s episode, Dr. Tom explores the cyclical nature of history, the father archetype as portrayed from the blowing wind and warming sun in Aesop’s classic entitled the NorthWind and the Sun, and its effects on our personal development. Blessings, my friends. May your path bring good fortune as you advance confidently …

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The Nature of History

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana A Philosopher’s Stone Is there much more to be said? I don’t think so! If only we could learn from this small kernel of knowledge nearly two centuries in the making. As an undergrad student, I learned of this concept while …

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The Beauty Within…

Words of Inspiration A Philosopher’s Stone To be thankful, grateful, and to stand in awe at the miracle that surrounds us. Beauty formed the foundation of my Thanksgiving weekend, as I realized the true blessing of all there is to be grateful for. Do you sometimes wonder from where does all the anger and despair …

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Overcoming the Odds

Words of Inspiration A Philosopher’s Stone There is something courageous in these words. Conviction is present, even when it faces the odds of being perceived as an improbable fear. What brings this sort of conviction to the psyche? Inborn character traits, internal proclivity, natural selection, or an abundance of nurture? I don’t believe so! To …

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A Dream is But a Dream…

Inpirational Words of Wisdom… A Philosopher’s Stone There is something extraordinary in these words. They gently remind us that the doors to what is perceived are not always what stares us in the face. I cannot help but wonder if Pierre Teilhard de Chardin read this philosophy before making his bold statement that we are …

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To Be Present

Inspiration for the Soul… A Philosopher’s Stone The source of anxiety occurs when we assume a future perspective. The source of depression happens to us when we focus too far on the past. Either way, we miss the moment and trip over ourselves. Hopefully, we do not make a mistake to assume that just because …

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What Do You See?

Inspiration for the Soul A Philosopher’s Stone I have always been fascinated by this saying from novelist Aldous Huxley. It speaks to the relative nature of reality at its finest. What we believe, we perceive, and what we perceive, we ultimately see. I wear reading glasses. When I remove them, the written world becomes blurred, …

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A Work in Progress

Inspiration for the Soul The Philosopher’s Stone Psychoanalyst Erik Erikson once stated that “Healthy children will not fear life if their elders have integrity enough not to fear death.” When we look at life from the perspective of our inherent growth, doorways to bliss open where there were once only walls. Youth is the gift …

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Slight Changes…

Inspiration for the Soul The Philosopher’s Stone Change: The most frightening word many will ever face. But why is this?  Change within the environment elicits fear. This one emotion, while valid, creates a whole host of secondary responses in the body that primes us for one thing, fight or flight. Salivation turns off, digestion turns off, …

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The Price of Knowledge

Inspiration for the Soul A Philosopher’s Stone Knowledge is never free. It is paid for by the hard work of digging deep into the recesses of what is not only readily available to us but found in the work of digging itself. When we go beyond the Facebook post, the Tweet, or the newest viral …

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Practical Parenting and Teaching Accountability 

A Throwback from the Past We all need to teach the next generation values. If we don’t as parents, who will? That is a significant question we all face these days, as who knows what deviance the education system exposes our children. Do we know if the places they spend most of their days teach …

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