I ran into this great cartoon from Alec – Catworld a fellow blogger on WordPress. I felt pulled to share.

One of his latests posts was something I could not ignore. It was about Ruminating. But even more personal, it spoke to the divine nature of time, a subject I know we all strive to master. Check out the link below to check out this awesome cartoonist and blogger’s site.

Courtesy of Alec – Catworld Blog

Being a father, husband, doctor, an employer, a businessman, an avid reader, and a hobby writer, I often find myself using the worst of the four letter words t**e on a daily basis. Especially as it relates to the complete lack of if I often feel. But like our friend the green at alludes too, this is only a perceptual illusion.

Today is anew day, filled with opportunities to be explored. I am grateful for the time today affords me, and will care for those I love.

What are your time bandits and what will you do with the miracle called today?

3 responses to “Time: Who has What you Can’t Go Without”

  1. I discovered something very important, if we don’t have a plan and really managed how to spend the time that suddenly popped out, we’ll just waste it! So basically doing all the things we complain about is way better unless we put a good plan and make space to something we enjoy or something useful

    • I absolutely agree. Time is the one commodity we can not get back. We should use every moment to help better ourselves so we can achieve the dreams our soul seeks. Thank you for the great comment.

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