Recently my two sons have gotten into YouTube. I know I have written warning on the effects YouTube and other social media forums can have on the developing psyche, and for good reason. Like any form of media, if left unchecked by parents, it can have drastic and long lasting effects that may or may not agree with a parents moral and value based compass. While I do have a conservative viewpoint of know what your children are being exposed to at all times and teach them from both the good and the bad that media forums portray, today I let them have fun and post a video of one of our favorite pastimes.

3 Dudes and a Roo. Hope you enjoy.

Summer Fun in the Backyard. Excuse the Dust… Construction of the Pool Coming Soon!
Fostering Your Children’s Dreams. Encourage them to Reach for the Stars… & Have Fun in the Process

It is imperative to foster children’s dreams forward and help ignite passions within them they may have or not known existed. This is our role as parents. Take them to explore and play in the backyard, even if the pool is not there yet. Let them run and throw the ball with the dog. You want to be a good parent? Just show up!!! That is all that it takes.

Thank You

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