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Practical Applications of the Mythical Father (The Northwind and the Sun)

Food For Thought

Myth remains only stories until we implement avenues by which it can affect our life. The nature of the archetypes call upon the inner workings of our soul to exhibit the polarities of the wicked, the holy, the right, the just, the bad, ugly, and even the good. Notice, just as night cannot exist without day, neither can the warm and caring father exist without the bellowing wind blown father presented in our story.

This rings as true for the masculine as it does the feminine. For myths do not discriminate based upon worldly views. Just as a man cannot be born without a mother and father, neither can a woman realize the true nature of their being outside of the demands the parental dyad places upon their developing psyche. Both parents are needed for the developing person to realize the beautiful dynamics that play out in this quest for love we are given. It is time we examine the true nature of what myth, fairy, and folk stories tell us, for their values have been filtered through millennia of trial and error, and are much more grounded in reality than the hypocrisy shown in newer sources of tamed media. They touch upon aspects of the soul, not penetration points that know only of viral influences and notions that sale based upon thumbs ups, emoticons, and the like.

In today’s podcast, I explore practical applications of the mythical father within. I pay particular attention to the ways that the winds of change sweep within the archetypal role of the father, allowing this psychological motif to learn warm and caring ways to show loving kindness to those who are most in need of guidance from the warming nature of the mature masculine.

For you Warriors, Lovers, Kings, Queens, and Sages, welcome back. I am grateful you are here. Namaste. May blessings find you on this road to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

In today's article, Dr. Tom explores an inspirational verse from Matthew, who reminds us of the true power behind faith. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message:
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