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To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

Anatole France

A Depth Psychology Perspective

Thank you for stopping by. I am grateful to have you here today. Being a practitioner of psychoanalytic persuasion, my family loves to talk about their dreams. My son had this wild dream that I thought fit pretty nicely within the context of the journey we have undertaken during the last few weeks exploring the depths behind the Myth of Daedalus.

In the dream, he met two older Fortnite players that, to him, are iconic. That is such a special place to be, as it allows one to see those inherent strengths unique to their development in light of what others do for a living. That unconscious place is where dreams begin, are planned, and open doors to the faith needed to transcend those barriers life will throw our way.

However, as with any ascent, there is always the danger of descent present. In the dream, an Earthquake shook things up. It shook them to the ground, and from the ruins present, the team had to rebuild their momentum to attain the victory yet realized.

Sound familiar? It is the theme of a comeback story. While the dream was individual, it shows how the collective themes of victory, loss, ascent, descent, the need for familiar faces, and the need to shake things up plays out in the soul’s need to transcend its current state and realize the brevity of its goal. However, as Daedalus taught us, there is no golden victory without work. Furthermore, as his son Icarus realized in his flight of fancy towards the sun without the appropriate grounding needed from past generations, there is no ascent without descent.

We must provide grounding to the next generation, just as they have every right to dream of a lofty ascent towards heights yet to be realized by our generation. This journey is symbiotic and is a natural paradox of life’s unfolding mystery and one that we must partake. While having an icon is great, the soul’s foundation must be shaken to the ground for a degree of inner strength to emerge. This strength comes from not negating the personal or collective past, but by building upon the lessons gained to develop that inner grit needed to navigate those torrents, life will throw our way.

Until next time my friends, I bid you Namaste. May blessings find you as you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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