A Throwback from the Past

We all need to teach the next generation values. If we don’t as parents, who will? That is a significant question we all face these days, as who knows what deviance the education system exposes our children. Do we know if the places they spend most of their days teach the very values we as parents hold dear?

In this episode, I explore a practical parenting approach that teaches accountability to children based upon the values You Hold Dear. Engage the Mythic Masculine, or for that nature, the Mythic Parent within, and see how your children respond.

With love and blessings. May your journey be ripe with rewards as you learn to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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    • I think we were all in that boat, unless the hobby was in the home. What I found, was doing modifications of the hobby. I loved irking out, but when the gyms closed, I had to find alternatives. I bought a home elliptical and began cleaning cross training. While I love going to the gym again, this was enough to pull me through the hurdle. Thank you for stopping by and for the comment.

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