Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.

Tending the Garden Within

There is beauty in simplicity, wouldn’t you agree? Yet, with all the light, we can never know it without the complexity of its opposite. Even God created light from the void of darkness.

Shadows follow where light prevails. Their place, to be leftover remnants of some blocking force, light has yet to penetrate. But how often are those shadows us, the very elements that need a little life-giving energy of their own to call home?

To tend the inner sanctum, we must allow the light in; but that is only one part of the process. That light leaves behind shadows once past. Just as a burning fire leaves behind ashes, shadows are the dingy nature of the soul, which yearns to get you a little dirty, lowly, and wants to play. Soul wants presence, a moment to forget about the ethereal presence of mind that pulls it to strive, strive, and strive for more, but to what end?

Maybe, for one moment, there is a possibility to reflect upon arriving. To be present, just one moment in the light. But to tend that garden, we must first keep our face towards its life-giving presence by uncoupling that eternal tie to those shadowy ashes once past.

Many blessings, my friends.

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